eBook and Print Formatting Services

I offer book formatting services with a difference:

 I recognize that you probably want to start with the Kindle format, and then expand to ePub and print. My  pricing  reflects that.

 I hand-craft book interior designs. I don’t rely on automated software. This means I can be flexible in a way a computer never can be.   Want some of your chapter headings in red – the others in blue – I can do that.

 I don’t just blindly take your manuscript and create a perfectly formatted book which has a rubbish layout. I design as well. eBooks are new but already there are some standards which have evolved to give your readers a better experience.

 I offer great customer service, with second-to-none communication.

 I don’t just return the final book files for upload. I also return the HTML files that created those files (docx in the case of pdf). That means if you want to make minor changes you can do it yourself without me charging you again. It means you can give them to another formatter if you don’t want to work with me any longer. Most book formatters don’t do this.

 I live in New Zealand so the time difference (approximately 12 hours ahead of Europe,17 hours ahead of US West Coast) I can sometimes do “over night” miracles.

What Formats Do You Need?

The formats you need depends on where you want to sell your book, and whether you want a print edition. Your options are:

  • Kindle eBooks. Amazon has around 70% of the eBook market and it’s the first place most self-published authors publish
  • ePub eBooks (suitable for submission to Barnes&Noble (NookPress), Apple (iBookstore), Kobo and Smashwords and number of other retailers you’ve never heard of).
  • print-on-demand (POD) print books.

Colour or Black&White – What Do You Design For?

It’s a fast evolving field. Just two years ago I’d have said there was no market for eBooks that required colour as almost all eBooks were read on eInk i.e. black and white eReaders. Now however the explosion of tablets of many forms, Kindle Fire, iPads and similar, means there is a large and rapidly growing market for books that look good in full colour. Books which feature colour images,

Unlike print books you pay no more to have colour eBooks produced. However you can’t assume that your reader will have a colour device. It’s wise to make sure that you are using colours that will come out as different even in gray-scale. Also if the colour is critical for the reader’s experience, warn them in the blurb, so you don’t get unhappy customers!

For print books colour does make the price significant higher, check out POD Formatting Services for more details.

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Do I Do Book Covers?

No, I don’t. I do however recommend my friend Belinda Pepper at Red Swallow Design.  She’s awesome, does stunning design, and may well charge you less for a beautiful design, than others will charge you for a mediocre one. Recommended. Really. Even though she’s Australian and speaks a little odd.