I’m building this resource as I answer questions from first-time self-publishing authors. The business of publishing isn’t particularly hard, but there are a lot of different steps along the way.

If you are self-publishing, you are no long “just” a writer, you are a business-person. As in any business there are some rules and best practices that come with the environment.

Unlike many businesses, the rules are changing a light speed. What was unacceptable “vanity” publishing a few years ago is now the new way to fame and fortune, maybe.

Unfortunately, as is common on the Internet, there are plenty of scams out there for the unwary. Even the big-name traditional publishers are in the game – check out David Gaughran’s The Author Exploitation Business 

If you want to learn more about the crazy-exciting,utterly-fascinating of indie self-publishing check out my blog: Adventures in Self-Publishing.

What Format Do You Accept My Manuscript In?

Word (doc, docx), OpenOffice(odt), HTML(various). If you have something different – contact me we can work it out!

What Do I Need To Provide?

  •  finished script – really, really finished in doc, docx , or ods format preferably.

Once you have the completed manuscript, send it to me at info(at) bookformatter.com and I’ll give you a quote. We can confirm time-frames.

Once we’ve agreed on price and time frames I may also need

  • cover image (ePub only) recommended size  1600px wide minimum
  • your preferred print size (pdf only)

How Do I Pay You – You Live Overseas!

Paypal is how most of my clients pay me. There are other options – contact me to discuss.

If you live in New Zealand we can do bank deposit or even a cheque! If generally quote in US$ but if you are in New Zealand let me know and we’ll deal in Kiwi Pesos.

More FAQs coming soon!