Kindle Formatting Services

The Kindle format is actually a dual format: older Kindles, some of which like the Kindle Keyboard are still for sale, use the MOBI format, while newer Kindles  use the KF8 format. Both versions are included  in the single MOBI file I produce, but I’d thought I’d mention it as it’s the reason why the same Kindle book can look quite different displayed on the different Kindles or Kindle apps. For more about the various Kindle devices see.

Kindle Books MAY Have Any Of The Following

  • paragraph styles : no indents with a space between, indents with no space, or indents with no indents for the start of a new chapter
  • headings/sub-heading
  • interior monologues/letters/emails within the text distinguished by indents, font size or style.
  • section breaks (with fluerons)
  • drop caps (only works on newer Kindles, coded to give a bold start letter for other Kindles)
  • tables (with care there are some limitation, avoid tables with more than three columns or text running vertically, consider re-writing instead)
  • images: jpeg or giff format only (png and tiff are not acceptable)
  • hyperlinks which “jump” to either another part of the book or to an external website (remember some older Kindles have VERY basic web browsing facilities, and often a reader may not be connected to the Internet)
  • footnotes, technically endnotes as there are no pages per se it makes sense to collect these all at the back of the book

In Addition A Kindle eBook MUST Have

  • table of contents – both a hyperlinked HTML one and a TOC available from the menu “Go To” button.

It’s Good Practice To Include

  • a live link to your website (or social media or email) within the first few pages to allow a browser to see more of your work even if they don’t buy)
  • streamlined front matter which allows the reader to see as much of your book in the 10% preview available to Amazon browsers  and as little as possible about the role your Sunday school teacher played in your creative development.
  • a blurb of other books in the series or genre at the back of the book.
  • a request at the back of the book for readers to leave a review on Amazon

I will take a manuscript in doc, docx or odt format, convert it to HTML, fix up the errors and test it in a variety of Kindles and Kindle Apps (software) until it’s perfect. I will then return to you the MOBI file ready for uploading to plus the HTML files for your book.

If you later need to make minor changes to your book, you’ll be able to without paying me or anyone else to do the work again. (Requires some knowledge of HTML and use of a text editor not a word-processor)

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