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Your Privacy

I respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your work. I will store you book securely and respect your confidentiality

Pricing and Payments

Once we have agreed on a quote and time frames I require a 50% deposit to begin work. For more expensive jobs we may agree a specific payment schedule.

The balance of payment is due on your acceptance of the files returned to you.

BookFormatter.com reserves the right to charge 3% interest/week on any amount outstanding within 30 days of the invoice due date.


I guarantee that the files returned to your for submission to Amazon (mobi), Smashwords (ePub), NookPress (ePub), Kobo (ePub), iBookstore (ePub), and Createspace(pdf)will be approved by the respective retailer.

Payment Terms and Conditions

On acceptance of a quote 50% deposit is due. The balance of the quote is due on acceptance of the files, which is deemed to be 24 hours after receipt, unless an issue is raised by the client.

Affiliate Programs

BookFormatter.com participates in a number of programs which pay affiliate commissions including, but limited to; amazon.com, and createspace.com. If you buy from these sites I may make a small commission on your purchases.


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Terms and conditions are current, 12 May 2013