Troubleshooting Book Formatting Services

It Just Won’t Work!

It’s so close but not quite right? You’ve been looking for hours and you can’t see the error? Just like you can’t edit your own book, you sometimes just can’t see the obvious error in your code. I used to work in the Information Technology industry, I know how to find bugs!

So if you have a job which isn’t quite working whether you or someone else did it. Show me the code, tell me the problem and I’ll fix it for you.

If I can’t fix it, you don’t pay. If I do fix it then we’ll come to an agreement on the price. Seriously though I can literally save you hours and hours of frustration.

I Have A MOBI File How Do I Edit It?

Your last formatter only returned a MOBI file and now you’ve found an embarrassing typo on the third page? And he wants to charge you the earth, or he won’t return your emails?

Give it to me and I’ll see what I can do – I should be able to make a simple change for you and charge you are reasonable fee. Plus give you back the constituent  HTML files, for when you find the next embarrassing typo!